Interests: Contributionism, Inner-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence/Competence, Musical Creation, Getting Everyone Living A Life They Love, Motorcycling, BMX/Mountain Biking

Character/Personality: 16 Personality Types, Big 5 Personality Test, Human Design, CliftonStrengths, Sacred Wealth Code, Gene Keys

Learn More About The Above Resources/Systems:(16Personalities; Big 5; Human Design System; CliftonStrengths; Your Sacred Wealth Code Reading and book by Prema Lee Gurreri – Highly Recommended; Richard Rudd & Gene Keys)

Values: Harmony, Clarity, Love, Compassion, Presence, Humility, Recognition/Honour of Will, Intimacy/connection, Authenticity, Compassionate Communication, Self-Expression, Service in Love, Creativity, Growth/Evolution, Accuracy