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Invitation to Alan’s Thrive Collective/One Small Town Meetup:

Recent OST Summary from Michael (More resources lower on this webpage!)

Alan’s 26 Minute Distillation of Michael Tellinger’s One Small Town Initiative:

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Next steps: Found and build a group of people to start a co-operative venture of at least (minimum # of members). Is it 10? 100? 500? 1,000?

As the group grows, and before people can contribute any time or money (both optional, with no force applied to anyone), we determine the best possible business strategies to empower and resource our collective.

Questions: Do we just straight-up run under the One Small Town banner? Tellinger supposedly has energy tech, health tech, all sorts of tech, and 20 years of experimenting working with contributionism and various approaches, including politics, the ubuntu movement, etc. So it’s probably a large benefit to engage with his OST under that banner. But the idea is the same even if not – come together as a collective and share resources, and time freely into the venture, with equal dividends and fruits from the ventures to all contributing members.

Possible Business Ventures For Our Collective:

Food Production: Identify what food sources are viable for Alberta prairies; I heard E.C. mention Bison, Quinoa and (something else?) could basically make up a whole diet and are all growable here. We could possibly gain land from tribal leaders who could join the collective and would be in support of a “by the people, for the people” equal split co-op, and could start growing quinoa and doing bison, all organically. We could grow herbs, dandelions, whatever else, with the help of local experts, could be cultivated profitably, and produce that for distribution within the collective, and for sale at a profit to those outside. And anyone that wants to join the collective can, in exchange for their 3 hours a week, or they can participate in an investor format, up to a 30% share in any given venture.

Local Health Food Store: What portion of the owner’s business profit is spent on employees? What if his labour were provided for free, and as much as he needs? What could he achieve? What if our venture started farming and supply arms for the store? So we harvest/farm/cultivate all the ingredients that he sells under other brand names, process and package them, and sell them, all at once, with free labour? And the basic reagents used in products are provided not for a profit, but at cost because they’re produced within the co-op?

Q: Which ingredients can be best produced locally? What land/growing structure do they require? We could invest in these.

Kangen Water/Alkalizing Water Source/Machines: Get people good drinking water without a $4000 machine. Bring on all the best tech; coherent, structured, alkalizing water.

Replace Redbull: Have our own healthier energy drink, and do all the cool sporting events and sponsor our riders.

Film Studio/Production: To replace Warner Bros/whatever

Real-Estate Holdings: People buy their houses with bank financing and end up paying half to the banks over the life of the mortgage. That means if we can buy homes for our members with our own co-op financing which is by the people/for the people, without usury, keeping the value and nourishment within our Co-op, we can buy real-estate for 50% off. That’s HUGE! How about that prospect? Join our co-op and get 50% lower pricing on your HOUSE. Can you even believe it? Plus, within the co-op, we could have a plumber, fencing/decking contractor, painter, handyman, electrician…etc. contributing their skills to the collective and our holdings, meaning all the bleed that would normally go to high costs on hiring these people as a single, isolated home-owners would be reduced to almost nothing. It’s an UNBELIEVABLY strong potential, I think.

(People’s concerns with this type of venture, though, might be:

It’s risky for me. Answer: No, it’s a choice to participate, so you don’t need to contribute any time nor money unless you want to. Concern: But still, how do I know this isn’t going to turn complicated, or I’m going to lose my house somehow? It’s not safe getting involved with others on such a big issue. I want to be self-sufficient. R.E. Co-ownership/financing venture: What if I give my house over and then this thing collapses and I lose everything?)

Child-Minding: Life-serving daycare programs, set up in the most loving and honouring way, which frees parents who struggle with time to get some time to themselves, while leaving their young ones with people they trust, and at no cost, as contributing members. If moms are concerned about vaccination status, then they can come together, and have one do 3-6 hours one day, and switch it up the next day, etc.

Learning/Education Program: If we have one good professor for a topic in our collective who contributes his/her time toward making a teaching program, say a video series that would be roughly equivalent in value to a university degree which people pay $30-100k+ for, and I help them produce all the video content for that, then anyone that wants to learn Engineering, say, within our collective, can simply do it “for free” as a contributing member of the collective. We could accumulate a VAST KNOWLEDGE BASE in the form of video training that’s all freely available to our collective.

SEO Venture: Build a PBN to eventually rank for anything we want in Google, anywhere. That means if we want to dominate for “Boutique Health Service” or “Cure Cancer” in Google, (apart from the censorship of the search engine, which is a significant blocker), then we could. Even “Plumbing Company Calgary”. We could rank for that, which is worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. And, with each new ranking we secure, our PBN grows, which makes it easier to rank for whatever else. So this is a massive marketing tool.

Facebook Marketing: J.B. sells the possibility of a great lifestyle with a Facebook marketing venture, selling facebook ads to businesses that need customers. We could do this with free labour, and essentially secure the market for this service, at the same time gathering data that would allow us to more effectively and masterfully market for our own companies, bringing huge revenue into our co-op, and eventually taking over the world, so to speak, with it.

Bicycles:Mountain bikes cost anywhere between $2,000 to $18,000 these days, made out of relatively simple components. We could have production houses for our own awesome bicycles which use our collective’s own components and materials, eventually securing the market in these areas for our members, and providing our members with amazing bicycles freely, or in a library format within the community to contributing members.

Sound Production Hardware/Software: I would be happy to contribute a few hours every day to building audio hardware, like microphones, sound interfaces, guitars, whatever…all could be produced from our own materials, and with the free labour of our co-operative. We could easily outcompete Lundalh transformers, which if I recall correctly, was a highly labour-intensive industry. We just have our people freely contribute their 3 hours and make this business 50% more profitable, and then source our other audio component ventures, such as 8-channel tube preamp units that are like Neve products, which retail for thousands of dollars a pop. Compressor units. Mics. EQs. Analog sound processing of all types! Guitar amps! All we need is a designed who can design our own, not impinging on anyone’s copyrights, and then we can build them ourselves.

Top-Notch Healthcare Services: Replace big pharma.

Energy Production, carefully and strategically making the old-world obsolete.

Vehicle/Automobile Production. We can outcompete anyone because we give our labour freely.

Computer Chip Repair: Maybe local chip repair guy would like to open his business venture to receive free labour from our collective, and remain a 30% investor, and perhaps have the collective own the real-estate which he probably pays a ton for. In this vein, I/someone could help him train chip repair people, by producing video content to give them the theory, and then train them for free, and keep them repairing chips for free for the business through their contributed hours. No repair shop could out-compete us.

Web Hosting. People pay hundreds of dollars per year for a tiny amount of space on a server somewhere (plus bandwidth allocation).

Telecommunications: That don’t harm people with radiation.

Natural, Boutique Soap Products: Like they talked about doing in Raz El Matn, at 90% profitability, using ingredients produced by the collective, with each member making 100 bars of soap in their 3 hour shift.

Rammed Earth Bricks: Made virtually for free from typical dirt on land, and with a compactor machine, operated with the free labour of our collective.

New Materials Research and Production – Graphene, Building Materials, Metals, Composites, Plastics, semi-conductors, etc, which then go on to source our other assembly ventures, such as:

– Computing products, Houses we live in,

Home Building: Using building materials fabricated by our own industries, provided at no cost, and using free labour, possibly using better, safer, healthier building materials than the mainstream.

~ Alan