I have a few projects on the go, and some that exist only in the realm of possibility as yet.

Current/Existing Projects:

Thrive Team

Currently by invitation only, this is a “mastermind group” with the purpose of enabling each member to get Clarity on what’s important to them, inspiration to drive progress, and accountability to stay on track to their dreams. As a team, we also tap into the synergy of the group to create more thriving for each member.

Thrive Collective/Golden One

A non-local community/nation with the purpose of helping all members, and all of life, thrive. Inspired by the principles of Ubuntu and contributionism, in the vein of Michael Tellinger’s One Small Town concept, to create a better alternative to modern-culture to phase out old, harmful ways of being as humans and to usher in Golden Age.

Individual Thriving Project/Potential Fulfillment

A project for the function of enabling maximal thriving as individual man/woman/being. Vehicles for this will be video programs for increasing consciousness and shifting paradigms to enable people to better meet their goals and thrive more, as well as Alan as a coach/creation debugging assistant/sounding-board/reflection-of-love.

Alan Robertson Music