Consciousness & Self-Management

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Here’s a human-tech tool developed by Stuart Lichtman for maximizing learning from past experience. I have refined & adjusted it based on my own experience using the tool.

With this simple process and a pen and paper, one can become aware of undigested learning/patterns that are still operating in one’s (life) system, and then learn and program oneself with new ways of being that will operate unconsciously, indefinitely, until further updated.

Download checklist for Perfect Vision Process steps here

This tool is a component part of both the Self-Scaping process and the Deep-Reprogramming process, which will each have its own videos in due time.

More to come:

And onward; what is i? What is the role of mental? Are we feeling beings, primarily?

How can i, deal with emotional triggers in my day-to-day life? How can I get a better job? How can I find a perfect partner?

How can I deal with anxiety?

What is life?

All of these may be considered and shared upon in depth to come.

By: the man, alan robertson.