Coaching Service

Alan offers coaching/”creation debugging” services. Rates are $50-$100 CAD for 60 min, or $70-$140 for 90 min, sliding scale, dependent on type of help desired and your availability of resources. Alan also contributes 2 60-minute sessions per month freely/in Divine reciprocity as a service to Gaia. Contact him for availability. He would be honoured to hear from you!

Compassionate Space for Navigating Challenges

Feedback has been that he is able to hold an extremely non-judgmental space such that people are able to talk to him about things that burden them or that are unresolved in their life in a way that they can find relief, freedom from torment, and affirmation and acknowledgement on what they’ve experienced, whether it be relationship issues, abuse*, suffering, or challenge of any kind.

This has led several people to tangible increase in quality of life.

*Alan is not a registered counsellor, therapist, nor trauma resolution practitioner. He draws on learning in many fields over the last decade, life experience with hardship and inner-navigation, and a psycho-spiritual lens of compassion and Love to help his clients find relief. Stronger cases of PTSD/Trauma may require more specialized help.

Coaching/Strategic Sounding-board

Additionally, he’s good as a coach and sounding board to allow people space and gently suggest ideas to help them come up with their own solutions to whatever challenges are facing them in life.

Outcomes from a session are tailored to whatever you need most; could be clarity on next steps, resolution of emotional hang-ups and fear, and affirmation on your already awesome progress!

Relationships Mediation/Communication Support

Also, he has mediated conversations for couples in partnership relationships to get complete on issues that have been creating disconnect. Testimonials to be published here soon; for example, one couple shared to the effect that Alan helped them get to the point of really being heard for each of their sides in the relationship, and as uncomfortable as it was, it basically restored their relationship to functionality.

Modalities of familiarity:

Non-violent communication, EFT/Tapping, EMDR Basics, inner-navigation, feelings navigation, belief re-patterning, practical strategy/ideation support