Musicians’ Co-op

For Heart-Centered Musicians in Calgary, AB

Sept 3, 2023 Update:

I (Alan) just launched this venture/possibility in the past week. I’m currently the only “registered member”. So far I’ve included the following that I’d be willing to lend/rent to people that are part of the collective at a nominal price:

Motu 828mk3 firewire, Audient Evo 4, Stereo pair of Oktava mk-012s, Sure SM58, Rode NT2A Condenser (good for insturments and vocals), various XLRs, my harmonium, my Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar with electric pickup. If you want my recording/production skills, let me know. I love to help where possible!

Join me!

If you want to be part of this equipment/skill share collective, email Alan at 1inthemusic at gmail dot com from your GMAIL account, and say you want to be part of the musicians’ co-op. If you don’t know me personally, please include your contact info so I can call/meet you.