On Property

Property: that which is proper to a wo/man in exclusion to all other members of society.

Is the body of i, property of i, a man?

My analysis is that since I didn’t invest my own thought, action, labor, or invention into the making of the body, I say it is the property of the creator/the universe; however, since I do seem to have “direct control” over the body in a way that other members of society do not, when in recognition of the realm of man/woman/being, I say it is property of i, a man.

If I make a chair, is it the property of i, a man?

I did not create the universe, the earth, nor the wood of the tree from which I did make the chair; however, I did use my labor, knowledge, and skills to make the chair from the materials provided by the universe; thus, I claim the chair to be property of i, a man when speaking to the affairs of man/woman/being, but I recognize that ultimately all is the property of the creator/universe and that I will know when it requires its property back because the chair will break, the body will die, etc.