Research List


Hemp industry in Alberta


Coherent water with Lindsay Brandon and Dolf Z. of Analemma Water.


Ilija Lakicevic and Omia Balancing Technology. Videos about New Deca Energy, dodecahedron love/manifestation energy.

Their YouTube Channel seems to have lots of interesting stuff on it.

Laki cites This Book by Walter Russell as being a core component in his invention process, since it explains physics and life as they are.


Watched a lot of videos from the One Small Town YouTube playlist


Michael Tellinger interviewed by Reiner of ICIC about One Small Town

Video on, Psychology/Mind Control is Crucial for the Great Reset

Awesome, interesting interview with Harald Kautz and Reiner

Robert O. Young and Ariyana Love The PH Miracle Diet


***Found and their YouTube Channel with a ton of great stuff on biosphere regen! Important stuff!

***John D. Liu (website) and others suggesting that restoring the biosphere is the #1 problem/issue/project. And, that function/dysfunction of the environment is just reflective of human consciousness. “Money is just a belief system. If money is based on functional ecosystems, then the future will be beautiful. If money continues to be based on production of goods and services, we will turn everything into a desert!”

John D. Liu on biofield restoration (YouTube). Inspiring! Shows potential and power of working with nature

John Todd on Rivers and Eco-Machines (restoration tech) <YouTube


ARCHAIX on the Knight Errant (YouTube), 2 hour video where Jason re-iterates some application principles of his Law of Attraction methodology; summarized by: see the future one wants to exist, which the simulacrum knows intimately because it is joined with us, and then take some kind of action in trust that the end is secured. Even a small action like taking a walk in faith that the ideas are coming, or as I did, put my celebration hat on, or even speaking out loud is a speech action.


Huberman & Friend on changing self-talk and overcoming 47 year rage habit. (YouTube)

Yvonne Teoh Bource, bought eBook from Amazon

Vonn on Gratitude (YouTube)