Here’s a page dedicated to those that have supported me financially, or otherwise. There have been so many people over the years, and I haven’t come close to listing them all here yet. Thank you for your support! 😀

Bill (father) & Laurie (mother). Thanks for bringing me into the world, and giving me lots of comfort and support over the years. Thanks for all the sacrifice/service you poured into me as a being on this planet. Here I am now as a result!

Thanks, Dad, for all the support with music, from renting and buying me drum sets, and guitars, and guitar amps, and most of my first mics and audio interfaces, and gear. Thanks for putting up with and at times enjoying my many hours of repetitive practice on various instruments (drumming loudly in the corner room of the basement, singing “Yah-yah-yah-yah-yahs” and “mee-gee-monkeys” practice, and cranking my guitar amp to 11 to get “that sound“).

Art (uncle):

Thanks Unc for having me at your place for several years when I first moved to Calgary! It was a huge relief to have the space and time to recoup and develop myself.

Also, thanks for your financial support through the years. Also a huge relief, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it; it allowed me to learn and study and grow more than I would have otherwise.

Thanks for the bike this summer (2023)! It has been so sick!

Patti (Aunt):

Thank you so much for having me this summer Patti! It has been a massive relief as I recouped from a stressful previous year. Thanks also for your encouragement that you consider me to be on the right track and to be a beautiful human. I appeciate your love. Thank you!

John Daly:

Thanks brother for always appreciating me and my music, and your financial support throughout the years, and trusting me to make the custom song for you and Gemma! Love you brother!