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*Note: If you’re going to attend a Thrive Team Meeting, please go through ALL THE TEXT AND VIDEOS below before attending.


Topic: Thrive Team Meeting June 22, 2022
Time: Jun 22, 2022 06:30 PM Edmonton

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Meeting ID: 858 3135 8385
Passcode: 373993

If you came to this webpage from Facebook, you’ve already seen the video directly below this text.

Thrive Team is an evolving experiment/gameworld founded by Alan Robertson and James Donald.

>>>Click here for the Thrive Team Gameworld Codex<<<

Thrive Team Meetings

These are meetings held on zoom, and in person, to facilitate the fulfillment of Thrive Team’s Purpose, which is to maximize the quality of life of all members of Thrive Team, as well as all beings in existence, and the environments in which said beings exist.

Fulfillment of this from a human perspective can be intuitively measured for oneself by asking inwardly “what is my quality of life right now on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is as perfect as I can imagine it being?”

In terms of environment and beings that don’t speak our language, we’ll do our best to comprehend through care, attention, and study.

Contextual Notes & Resources

Contributionism – A social structure wherein people give their labor of love to the collective, and the collective helps them get what they need to thrive as well. Sharing and cooperation of all beings are a priority above “profiting off of others and planet, and externalizing costs”. Also, the economy is resource-based rather than oriented toward artificiality/money. Check out Ubuntu Contributionism, or the video directly below for more info:

The Meeting Technology:

We’ll be hosting meetings in OpenSpace format until something more effective comes to be implemented. Here’s a flavor of OpenSpace:

Thrive Team Meeting Format:

Access zoom meeting details through our Telegram Group:

We’ll start with an opening circle, then break-out room conversations for those interested, and then a closing circle.

The purpose of OpenSpace, and Thrive Team Meetings’ format, is to have everyone learning/gaining & contributing exactly where they want to be, and maximize effectiveness for the whole Team by sharing insights in the closing circle.

You can play 3 roles when you come:

Conversation Leader

Bring a topic you’d like to lead a conversation on. When break-out rooms are started on Zoom (or when the space is declared open in person), you’ll hold space for a conversation around your topic with whoever decides to join you. Some participants in your conversation will stay the whole time, and others may jump in and out.

You don’t need to be an expert on a topic to lead the conversation – all you need is an authentic interest in the topic of the conversation, and a willingness to play with whoever shows up in your breakout space.

If leading a conversation, you are responsible for either taking notes yourself or delegating to someone in the group to take notes on key discoveries in your conversation, so that when the closing circle occurs, a representative of your team can share your team’s insights to the whole Thrive Team group.

Following the OpenSpace principles and law, when your conversation is done, you can do as you will until the closing circle or another round of breakout conversations occur(s).

Conversation Participant

If you don’t feel called to lead a group, you can participate in a conversation in any breakout room you’d like. You don’t need to be an expert to participate in a conversation. Join to listen, join to share; whatever… just stay open to what unfolds.


OpenSpace’s “Law Of 2 Feet” is that, if you’re neither gaining from nor contributing to a conversation, you move somewhere else where you can be contributing, learning, or thriving; that could mean you stay in the main zoom room and chat organically with those that are there, or get off the computer and stretch or get some fresh air, or drop into various breakout room conversations as you will, and cross-pollinate ideas. Butterfly on!

Zoom Notes:

Please be on camera, like you’re in a physical room together. Bringing your whole self.

Be aware that you can raise your digital hand as a means of stating intent to share, in breakout rooms, or in the main room. This awareness may help manage sharing in the group. You access your “digital hand-raise” by clicking on “reactions” and then the digital hand.


Alan says: “Help me develop this! If you’re seeing ways we can improve the event, or this Thrive Team gameworld let me know”.

Alan’s Contact:
1 (403) 479-six zero six three
listening_here *at* yahoo *dot* com