Window Cleaning Service

I offer window cleaning services in the private in the Calgary area, and as far out as Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere, and Airdire, for a travel fee.

3-Stage Reverse Osmosis Window Cleaning

I have $10,000 dollars worth of carbon fibre poles and water filtration gear which makes the job quick, super-high quality (no streaks or spots), and much safer than someone climbing around to every window on your house on a ladder.

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Note: I work in the private:

I’m not running under the name Property Pals anymore… I am just getting you to use the web form above because I haven’t installed window cleaning infrastructure on this website.

Working in the private means I don’t charge you tax, and consider the compensation you give me to be in the private, and not a form of “income” or “revenue”, meaning I won’t pay tax on it to the government. This is like if you have your neighbor cut your lawn for you and you compensate him in the form of money for his time as a man.

I offer window cleaning work as a man, and not a fictional corporate/proprietor entity in this form because I have little to no trust that the government has the people’s best interest in mind. Of course I am not denying that there are good people working in government. I just have the sense, after being exposed to various information through the years, that there is so much bleed and corruption and nefarious usury of “citizens” in our corporate country system, that I don’t want to support it.

Insurance, WCB, etc.

I and those that work with me are doing so as members of mankind/womankind in the private, and not as fictional entities. As such, I don’t have insurance or WCB.

With that in the clear, I also hereby give you my word as a man that if I were to damage something at your property, I would consider it to be my responsibility to remedy that damage, in the form of performing the reparation myself or giving you money to pay a professional where necessary.

Also, I consider it my responsibility to take care of my safety on your property, including using my equipment and climbing ladders (only where house design requires it with recessed windows). So if any injury were to occur to me or those that work with me, I consider that to be our responsibility.

Please do let us know if there are any hidden dangers on your property that you are aware of. Also, please have your dogs under control so that we don’t risk being bitten.